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facebook android tablet Facebook Tablet App : Friendcaster Facebook App is the best facebook app for android tablet. Download this Facebook Android Tablet App for free and enjoy your favorite social network on the move. Share and stay connected with your friends with Honeycomb’s first Facebook app: FriendCaster Tab for Facebook. FriendCaster Tab is fully feature-rich Facebook tablet app with many of the features from Facebook designed specially for facebook android tablet application. Facebook Application for Android Tablet Version 5.0 is sporting a beautiful interface, loads of Facebook features and the only real time Facebook notifications available through Google Play.

instagram for android Instagram App : Instagram for android is a beautiful way to share your world. It’s fast, free and fun! 

Pick from one of several gorgeous filtered effects to breathe a new life into your mobile photos. Transform everyday moments into works of art you’ll want to share with friends and family.

 Share your photos in a simple photo stream with friends to see – and follow your friends’ photos with the click of a single button. Every day you open up Instagram, you’ll see new photos from your closest friends, and creative people from around the world.

 Features of Instagram Android Application

twitter for android Twitter App for Android : Twitter Android Application is the official android app for twitter. Download this best android app for twitter FREE. Follow your interests: instant updates from your friends, industry experts, favorite celebrities, and what’s happening around the world. Get short bursts of timely information on the official Twitter app. Real-time search reveals breaking news, while trending topics show what’s happening now around the world. Reading tweets is easy in a bunch of places on your phone. Quickly access your timeline with the home screen widget, view a tweet location on a map, and see your friend’s latest tweet in your phonebook,…

watch live tv android app Live TV Android Apps : Now watch live TV on your android tablet or android mobile for free. Download the best android apps for live TV now. These android apps works better with WI-FI or 3G network.Following are the best and free apps for watching live TV : 1. Watch UTV Movies Live – Best Android App Watch UTV Movies Hindi Channel On Your Android Phone. Minimum requirements: 2g / 3g / Wifi (recommended). 2. Watch MTV Live – Best Android App Watch Live Mtv India Music Channel! MTV India is the Indian version of MTV (Music Television), a channel specializing in music and youth culture programming. 3. Watch…

McAfee Antivirus android app Anti Virus Android App : List of best free anti virus for android honeycomb tablets and android mobile. Download free antivirus and protect your android device from viruses, malware and all malicious software. Download McAfee Free Anti Virus for Android and get the most robust, comprehensive mobile security solutions for your android mobile and tablet. Features of McAfee Antivirus & Security : – Android Antivirus McAfee Active Protection™ technology scans for malicious code from files, SD card, applications and Internet downloads – Protection against web threats by blocking access to risky sites from texts, emails.

battery power saver android app Battery Saving Apps : Best Android Apps for Battery Saver for your android mobile and android tablet. Download these top android apps for Free and save the precious battery on your android device. Download this free android app and manage the most battery draining components. With JuiceDefender – Battery Saver Android Application you can easily manage Mobile Data, WiFi and CPU speed, you can keep power consumption under control, , schedule regular Synchronization events, enable or disable connectivity for specific apps, auto-toggle WiFi depending on your location.

solar charger for android mobiles - best android apps Best App for Prank Android : If you are itching to pull off some great pranks and need a few great apps to help, here’s the list of 5 Best Prank Apps for Android mobiles. These Free android prank apps make it easy to play jokes on unsuspecting friends and family members. Try these pranks and enjoy ! Fingerprint Lock Android Application : Download Fingerprint Lock Android Application for free and convert your mobile to a finger print scanner. Touch the sensor area of the fingerprint scanner on screen with your fingers and raise the lock of your mobile phone. Of course, the screen of…

facebook messenger for android Facebook Messenger Android App – : Facebook Messenger Android App is the official Android Application for facebook chat on your android mobile and one of the 5 top android facebook apps. Facebook Messenger is best android application to send mobile messages to friends. Facebook Messenger Android App lets you: • Send messages instantly to other friends who have Messenger • Chat with friends who are on Facebook • Get free push notifications for incoming messages • Add location and photos to messages • Reach friends via text message if they don’t have Messenger yet • Access sent and received messages on both Messenger and Facebook • Create group conversations for making plans on the go.

whatsapp screen Best android app for tablet Whatsapp Android App for chat : Whatsapp Messenger for chat is the best android app for chat with SMS contacts. Download this top android app on your android mobile for FREE. This awesome app offer the freedom of chat across mobile networks. WhatsApp Messenger is available for Android, Blackberry, iPhone, and Nokia phones. WhatsApp uses your internet connection to message with your mobile contacts. This android app for tablet and mobile currently free for first year. There is no added cost to send an international email, there is no cost to send WhatsApp messages internationally. Chat with your friends all over the world as long as they…

go launcher best android app GO Launcher Android App : GO Launcher EX android app is the extended version of original best android app GO Launcher. Go launcher android app is one of the most popular home apps in Android Market. GO Launcher EX Android App’s is a highly customizable home replacement application, which will run when you press your android phone’s HOME key. GO Launcher EX supports hundreds of themes, fast flip speed and tons of useful functions for your android mobile. Features of GO Launcher EX best android App: – Fancy home screen transition – Smooth scrolling experience – Icon popup menu –