Men In Black 3 Android App

The official game of Men in Black 3, putting players in charge of the agency. You will be in charge of the MIB agency, but don’t worry, Agent O, Agent K and Frank will help you to run the agency
Features of Men In Black 3 Android App
• Create and run your MIB AGENCY with this android app
• Train your agents and assign them to missions
• Access a wide range of MIB weapons and gadgets like the Neuralyzer, the Deatomizer and the infamous Noisy Cricket.
• Build dozens of different rooms to upgrade your weapons and develop your agency.
• Travel in time to fight aliens in different areas of New York including Brooklyn, Times Square, and Central Park
• Utilize your agent’s futuristic weapons and equipment
• Meet dozens of aliens faithfully inspired by the Men in Black universe
As you complete various tasks, you earn money, energy, experience points, and other things you need to build various rooms, heal your agent, recruit other agents, buy new weapons, and so on.

You can speed them up by using Temporal Pulse Recharge. The game gives you about a dozen T-Pulses to start; you can buy more via in-app purchasing.
MI 3 Android Application
Men In Black 3 Android App is a free android application is listed under arcade & action apps in Google Android Market. The app has 1,000,000 – 5,000,000 downloads since its launch. The latest version of this android app (version 1.0.3) was released by the developer on May 23, 2012 and requires ANDROID version 2.2 and up to be installed on your android device. This android app is rated 4.4 with 31,492 reviews at the time of writing this post. This android app will require approx 2 M of free space on your device for installation. Download this best android app for free from Google android market.