Clouds & Sheep Android Application

Download Clouds & Sheep Android Application the best android app and be a good shepherd. Take care of the flock of adorable little sheeps. Feed them, play with them, hook up pairs to create offspring and become the best shepherd of all time!

How to play Clouds & Sheep best Android Application :
If you keep the woollen fluff balls well-fed, healthy and entertained, they’ll reward you with Happy Points and make lots of little baby sheep. If you neglect them, the bleating ingrates may glower at you or even have the nerve to die off!

Features of Clouds & Sheep Android Application :
– Innovative casual gameplay
– Interact with adorable sheep
– Manipulate clouds and weather
– More than 20 bonus items, toys and gadgets
– 33 dynamic challenges
– Colourful settings
– Open-ended gameplay
– Heart-meltingly cute graphics
– Take screenshots and share them with your friends
– Parental lock to disable in-app purchases

Play trick or treat in the scary Halloween scenario!
► Enjoy a sleigh ride through the snow!
► Let your sheep play soccer!
► Romantic mood on the valentine’s pasture!
► Celebrate a big birthday party!

As a good shepherd cares for his sheep, especially when they’re as cute as this particular flock. There is one problem, though: adorable as they may be, they’re not very smart. If there’s a poisonous mushroom, they’ll eat it. When the sun is shining, they’ll just stand there until they have a heatstroke – and when the weather turns bad, they’ll happily stand in the rain until they catch a cold.

What’s in this version of Clouds & Sheep Android Application:
– Fixed a crash when taking screen shots
– Made taking screen shots optional for game progress (just in case)
– Added screenshot functionality
– Added sending screenshots to friends and other applications
– Added a special Valentine’s Day level and objects
– Added presents you will get when coming back to the game after some time
– 17 new challenges!

Clouds & Sheep Android Application is one of the is a best charming sandbox game Android Application & is last updated on 24 July 2014.
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The latest version of this android app is 1.9.6 and requires ANDROID version 2.3.3 and up. This best android app is currently trending under arcade & action android apps and has 10,000,000 – 50,000,000 installations since its launch.

This android app will require approx 30M of free space & is rated 4.7 with 324,839 reviews. You can download this free android app from Google play store