3D FireFlies Live Wallpaper is a must have best android app to have live wallpaper for your android device.

FireFlies Live Wallpaper that uses the movement of fireflies to create a stunning, colorful composition. More stunning than Solar Winds. More colorful than Flurry.best android apps - 3D FireFlies Live Wallpaper

– Thousands of colors. More colorful than Flurry
– Smooth movement effect. More stunning than Solar Winds
– Well implemented by OpenGL
– Tail’s length, width and opacity can be customized(Full version only)
– Totally Freebest android apps - 3D FireFlies Live Wallpaper1

This free android app is last updated on May 15, 2011 and the latest version is 1.0 which requires ANDROID 2.1 and up. This is currently trending in Android market under Casual android apps and already has 10,00,000 – 50,00,000 installations. The android app size is 417 K and is a free android app. You can download the app from here or try the QR code below. best android apps - 3D FireFlies Live Wallpaper 3


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