How to earn money from Free android Apps

Internet and mobile technologies have made their modest entries into the lives of mankind as mere tools of communication but soon made inroads into the minds of the people with sheer power of offering employment alongside of entertainment.

They have also brought opportunities to earn money At the ease of working from home with almost affordable setup. Infact internet businesses have become the best havens for students, housewives and retired persons. It also given a chance for the people with creative minds to start new ventures like web development, web hosting, online publishing etc. and started offering employment for the qualified lot.

The earning opportunities have reached the peak with smart devices like Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android ecosystem, Nokia’s Symbian and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile. They have been hailed as the groundbreaking innovations in internet and mobile technologies that have created plenty of job opportunities in full time, part time and freelance sectors.

App development for Android devices has become the most popular occupation for hundreds and thousands of software geeks. At the beginning, the revenue sources for the app developers were of two types (i) by offering paid apps and (ii) offering free apps with ads enabled. These methods collectively are called as mobile monetization.

After tasting some initial success, the above methods have started declining in terms of revenue generation due to changed attitudes in the users. The frequent pop-ups of ads and the apps costs have discouraged the users to look for free alternatives.

Startapp is new concept in adroid app monetization field to speed up the downloads without dampening the customers’ interest in the apps. In this model, the app developers were encouraged to offer their apps free of cost and also the annoying ads have been completely removed from the apps. The app developer earns through the app search pages that can be created by the app developers.

The working principle of StartApp is quite simple. App developers have to install a SDK supplied by Startapp and integrate it with the free apps being developed by them. As per Startapp the integrations is very easy and can be completed within minutes. Also the App developers have to add the disclaimer text supplied by Startapp as part of their app description and that is it, the app is ready to go live with Startapp’s new make money with android app concept.

Apps users would get a search icon on the home screens of their Android phones. They can also see the bookmark link and browser search home page too. All these are routed to the app’s download page. Here the ads will be displayed and the app developers would get paid as per the traffic. So, why to wait? Download Startapp’s SDK and get your app monetized within minutes.


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