Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0

Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich is unveiled by Google. Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 aims at delivering a unified UI for phones and tablets and many innovative features.

Galaxy Nexus is the first phone built for Ice Cream Sandwich and combines cutting-edge Samsung hardware with Android 4.0. Simple, beautiful and beyond smart. The A to Z of the new Features in Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 :

a. Android 4.0 makes common actions more visible and lets users navigate with simple, intuitive gestures.
b. Rich and interactive notifications let users keep in constant touch with incoming messages, play music tracks, see real-time updates from apps, and much more.
c. Users can drag apps, shortcuts, folders, and other priority items in or out of the favorites tray for instant access from any home screen.
d. From the slide lock screen, users can jump directly to the camera for a picture or pull down the notifications window to check for messages.
e. Users can now dismiss individual notifications, apps from the Recent Apps list, and browser tabs lists with a simple swipe of a finger.
f. In the Settings app, colorful charts show the total data usage on each network type (mobile or Wi-Fi), as well as amount of data used by each running application.
g. New People app offers richer profile information, including a large profile picture, phone numbers, addresses and accounts, status updates, and a new button for connecting on integrated social networks.
h. Calendar app brings together personal, work, school, and social agendas. With user permission, other applications can contribute events to the calendar and manage reminders, for an integrated view across multiple calendar providers
i. Visual voicemail features integrates incoming messages, voice transcriptions, and audio files from one or more providers.
j. Stabilized image zoom lets users compose photos and video in the way they want, including while video is recording.
k. Built-in face detection locates faces in the frame and automatically sets focus.
l. Camera introduces a single-motion panorama mode. In this mode, the user starts an exposure and then slowly turns the Camera to encompass as wide a perspective as needed.
m. A redesigned album layout shows many more albums and offers larger thumbnails.
n. The Android Browser offers dramatically improved page rendering performance through updated versions.
o. A resizable Email widget lets users flick through recent email right from the home screen, then jump into the Email app to compose or reply.
p. Face Unlock is a new screen-lock option that lets users unlock their devices with their faces. It takes advantage of state-of-the-art facial recognition technology to register a face and to recognize it later.
q. Wi-Fi Direct lets users connect directly to nearby peer devices over Wi-Fi, for more reliable, higher-speed communication.
r. Android 4.0 extends social and sharing features to any application on the device. Applications can integrate contacts, profile data, and calendar events from any of the user’s activities or social networks.
s. New typeface optimized for high-resolution screens improves readability and brings a polished, modern feel to the user interface.
t. The System Bar and virtual buttons are present across all apps, but can be dimmed by applications for full-screen viewing.
u. Multitasking is a key strength of Android and it’s made even easier and more visual on Android 4.0.
v. New home screen folders offer a new way for users to group their apps and shortcuts logically, just by dragging one onto another.
w. The home screen now includes a customizable favorites tray visible from all home screens. Users can drag apps, shortcuts, folders, and other priority items in or out of the favorites tray for instant access from any home screen.
x. Interactive widgets let users check email, flip through a calendar, play music, check social streams, and more.
y. Users can now quickly respond by text message, without needing to pick up the call or unlock the device.
z. Enjoy the tasty icecream sandwitch treat on all new Google Nexus !!!