Blackberry to run Android Apps

RIM plans to launch smartphones based on QNX, the same operating system that powers the PlayBook, and these phones will also include the Android “app player”

RIM’s newer phones, expected to work on its yet-to-be-launched QNX operating system, will be compatible with the Android software, the report said, citing unnamed sources. RIM may come out with a PlayBook upgrade for the Android later this year, the report also said.

The Canadian company plans to have the Android player already in the QNX-running phones when they go on sale rather than available as an upgrade, the report said.  Source : Reuters

The capability to run Android apps might give a boost to RIM, which is struggling to gain traction with its own app store as Android surges in popularity. For now, RIM is only planning to allow apps created for Android 2.3 or under. That’s not a huge issue for QNX smartphones, but PlayBook owners will miss the large-screen optimizations in Android Honeycomb and above.