Create Keep Calm and Carry on Posters on mobile

Keep Calm and Carry On posters were designed by the British government in the Second World War to encourage the population however few posters were ever used.

The posters have become a recent popular trend after they were rediscovered in 2000. Keep Calm is the best free Keep Calm and Carry On app available on Android.

Keep calm and carry on app

Features of Keep Calm android app :
– You can modify the text, background color and icon (from a choice of fifty).
– Unlike ALL other Keep Calm apps you can have an unlimited number of lines of text.
– Additional ability to export square posters for Instagram (i.e. you don’t have to crop/zoom in on Instagram any more
– Improvements for larger screens and saves posters into a Keep Calm album in your Gallery
– Upgrade to Keep Calm Pro to change the text color and font, create square posters and create custom backgrounds and icons.

Keep Calm Android App is one of the Best Android Application for fun & showing creativity on your android mobile. This free android application is last updated on September 15, 2013 by the developer. The latest version of this android app is 2.9.7 and requires ANDROID version 2.1 and up to be installed on your android device.

This best android app is currently trending in Android Market under casual android apps and has 1,000,000 – 5,000,000 installations since its launch. This android app will require approx 1.3M of free space on your device for installation. This free android application is rated 4.4 with 8,318 reviews in google android market at the time of writing this post.

You can download this free android app from Google play store.


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