JuiceDefender-Battery Saver Android app is a powerful and best android app specifically designed to extend the battery life of your Android device. Download this free android app and manage the most battery draining components.
With JuiceDefender – Battery Saver Android Application you can easily manage Mobile Data, WiFi and CPU speed, you can keep power consumption under control, , schedule regular Synchronization events, enable or disable connectivity for specific apps, auto-toggle WiFi depending on your location.
Battery manager android app
Features of this best android app (Some feature may not be available in the Free version):
– 5 Preset Profiles (from default mode to full customization)
– Easy and Intuitive User Interface
– Home screen Battery Widgets
– Mobile Data toggle automation
– 2G/3G toggle automation
– WiFi toggle automation + Auto-Disabling option
– Location-aware WiFi Control (e.g. enable WiFi only at home/work, disable it otherwise)
– Battery Consumption Optimization (e.g. when screen off, battery under threshold, etc.)
– Connectivity Control for Specific Apps with Interactive Training mode
– CPU scaling when phone is idle
– Smart Brightness control
– Bluetooth control with Automatic Reconnect

Updates in the latest version of this Free Android App:
– Bluetooth control with automatic force connect
– New Location with improved algorithm, automatic merging and reset, manual editing
– Improvements in Brightness and CPU control
– New AOSP helper for all rooted devices
– QuickBox from the notification and the widgets
– Option to hide the status bar icon
– Option to disable JD via SMS
– Troubleshooting: use APN method, WiFi force reconnect, boot workaround
– added per-network “keep enabled” for Location
– added per-app custom controls
– reworked the widgets, improved “user” control
– added Bluetooth enable/connect in QuickBox
– improved tablet/Honeycomb support
– better handling of the keyguard during phone calls

Battery Saver Android Application is a free android application is last updated on January 15, 2012 by the developer. The latest version and size of the app depends on the android version installed on your mobile. This app is currently trending in Android Market under productivity android apps and has 5,000,000 – 10,000,000 installations. This android app is rated 4.4 with 138,803 reviews in google android market at the time of writing this post. You can download this top android app from Google android market. Also check out these 5 top android apps for battery saver.