Diversion Android Application

Diversion is the ultimate 3D platformer for Android mobile and android tablet with 3 unique worlds, 100 levels & 150+ characters. Download the android app for FREE.

The android game is now fixed for Evo 3D and Sensation devices :
– Challenging gameplay requires timing and puzzle solving
– Boss battles!
– 100 Levels
– 3 Unique 3D Worlds
– 150+ fully-animated playable characters to unlock and collect
– Lush 3D environments
– Physics powered by PhysX
– 3rd person camera: see all the action
– Different every time you play!
– High Resolution graphics
– Play your own music
– High Resolution graphics
– Remove banner ads
Guide your running character to the end of the level, collect stars and gems and avoid the spikes and lasers. Requiring a high-end device to pull off the lustrous 3D environments, the game has a huge 100 levels across 3 different worlds. You must navigate holes, spikes, lasers and other nasties as you progress and, as you’d expect, the further into the game you get the tougher the levels become. A superb feature is the way you collect and transform into different characters. You complete a point in the game and suddenly a cut scene transforms your character into a new one. The new character becomes available in the menu and you can select the one you prefer. Characters become interchangeable as you progress and unlock them and there are a whopping 150 in total to collect.

Be amazed at what you can do : run, jump, climb, hang, swim, zip, slide, and even fly! As you progress through levels you’ll unlock more challenging gameplay and hazards, including: spikes, chasms, zip-lines, slides, ledges, holes, buttons, spiderbots, bouncer bombs, water, laser walls, meteors, security drones, aliens, mutant sharks, chompers, stompers, lava, steam vents, blast vents, reversers, stoppers, portals, spike rollers, and more! 100 challenging levels will require timing and puzzle solving skills to complete and unlock the 150+ playable characters including: Ninja, Alien, Rocket, Karate, Robo, 60s, Zombie, Burglar, Tiger, Egyptian and even the Freaky Chicken and Future Banana!

What’s in this version of Diversion Android Application:
New Features:
a. Holiday Snow themed menus and unlockable daily characters!
b. World 5 levels 11-20 (now 140 main levels)
c. More Endless Bonus Levels (now 35 bonus levels)
d. New characters (now over 600)
e. Hammer smack bosses
f. Micro boost pickups

Fixes from the last version :
– Climbing faster and smoother
– Reduced fall through holes
– Asteroid damage bug
– See-saw and falling platforms
– Water jump bug
– Endless level portal bug
– Tablet support
– Save Me auto-skip after 4 seconds
– Level end menu shown after aborting a level
– Smoother Google+ login
– Back button on level load screen
– Level 5-30 mini-boss bug fix

Diversion is best android Android App available free and is last updated on June 25, 2013 and the latest version is 1.46 which requires ANDROID 2.0.3 and up. This is currently trending in Android Market under arcade games android apps and already has 1,000,000 – 5,000,000 installations.

Note: Diversion is a graphically intensive game and a high powered device is recommended.

The android app size is 37 M and is a free android app. This android app is rated 4.7 with 112,371 reviews in android market at the time of writing this post. Download this app from Google android market.