on{X} (pronounced ‘on-ex’) android app launched by Microsoft lets you control and extend the capabilities of your Android phone using a JavaScript API to remotely program it and create new personalized behaviors and experiences.
on{x} ia combination of a web site and android mobile application which helps you to remotely program your phone. Before you start setting triggers, download the on{X} app on your Android phone and log in with your Facebook email and password. To build your first Hello World rule, go to the rules page and click ‘create’ in the upper right.

To delete a rule, tap it and tap the ‘delete’ button. When you delete a rule, it’s deleted from the on{X} app and website.

There are other similar types of apps available in android play market that run in the background. They track when you entered or left a certain area (the classic ‘out of milk’ geo-fencing scenario) or Banjo Android app when we are near someone else with a similar app and interests. So it it to be seen how successful this app will be.

Updates in the latest version :
– on{X} is now supported on Android tablets.
– New APIs were added:
1. Dynamic regions
2. Gestures API: Rotation angle signal

As of now on{X} (on ex) Microsoft Android App is one of the Best Android Application for scheduling triggers on your android mobile. This free android application is last updated on October 29, 2012 by the developer. The latest version of this android app is and requires ANDROID version 2.3.3 and up to be installed on your android device. This android app will require approx 1.2 M of free space on your device for installation and gas installations since launch. You can download this microsoft android application from Google android market or visit on{x} app official website for more details.