Create Android Apps for Free

What is an Mobile App ?
Mobile App is an abbreviation for mobile application. Mobile apps help users to connect to Internet services in user friendly manner on their portable devices like mobile phones & tablets.

Why should you create an Android App ?
Mobile Apps extends the reach of your brand or product to mobile platform users. There is an exponential growth in the mobile users across the world and Android is one of the fastest growing mobile platform. Creating an android app for your consumers will means you can reach, engage and monetize from your brand anytime, anywhere. You can also communicate with your users with push notifications.

How to create free Android App ?
Mobile app development is a specialized job. But there are tools available that can convert any web content into an Android App. These will help you to build your own android app for free and also monetize your android app. Some websites offer mobile app development without any knowledge of software development or coding thus providing a fast, easy way for anyone to create an Android app. These site let’s you create android apps for free and charge you a monthly subscription fee for hosting or earn by placing in-app ads on revenue sharing model. You can choose the best option depending upon the popularity and revenue potential of your android app.

How to monetize your Android App ?
There are multiple options to monetize your android app. Most popular options to monetize you app are as follows :
– You can sell your app in Google Play store
– Add Adv banner : This is the most popular way to earn and monetize your android app. You can use you existing google ad sense account and earn revenue.
– Insert in-app subscriptions : This method is popular for content based android app. You can sell subscription of the content on your app. This is a popular way to promote services like daily horoscope.
– In-app purchases : You can monetize your android app by including in-app purchases. These could be in form of selling tools to finish games or unlock new level.

How to promote your Android App ?
Getting an android app created is only a half battle won. The next big challenge is to ensure you app reaches the target audience. So, once you publish your app in google play store it’s time to let the world know about it. Promote your android app by providing the link to download your android app on your social network posts on twitter account, facebook brand page and your website. You can also choose ad campaigns (by Google ad words), app reviews, guest articles and more.