Best Android Apps for Kids

Review of the Best Android Apps for kids on your android phone and android tablets. These free android applications will surely spice up the experience on your android device.

pocket frog android app
Pocket Frogs Android Apps is android version of one of the most popular iPhone app. Download this best android app for FREE. Discover, collect, and breed over 15,000 unique frogs, anytime, anywhere with fellow Android players. how to play this android game : a. Race your frogs for special rewards b. Breed a diverse and unique collection of frogs c. Customize and decorate each of your frog habitats d. View […]

Pocket Frogs Android Apps

android apps for story books
iStory Books is a best android apps for kids to turn your android tablet PC and mobile in a Kid’s safe ebook. Download this android app for FREE. Free story books with fun pictures, text & audio for your little ones. Parent can add or remove books from the child’s library. Parent section of the app is protected. Free Interactive Childrens Books for the new generation! Free books that read itself to […]

iStory Android Application

kidoz TV -best android apps
KIDO’Z TV is a best android apps for kids to turn your android device in a Kid’s safe device. This is a collection kid-friendly videos! A huge cartoon collection! Kid-friendly videos! Videos are sorted into channels including the popular: – Movies – Funny Stuff – Cartoon – Fun & Entertainment – Learn “How To” do things – The Science channel – Sesame Street – Stories – Kids Songs – Animal – Learning […]

KIDO’Z TV – Safe & Fun

best android app fishing
Download Fishing Game Android Application for free on your android mobile and save the little fish to survive the danger of ocean world. A small fish plays alone in an ocean,without knowing danger is coming close to him, help him survive in these dangerous waters. How to play Fishing Game Android Application : – Tap and move fingers on screen to move the small fish. – Eat the fish smaller […]

Fishing Game Android Application

Chill chicken best android app
Talking Chill is a best android app for time pass. Chill chicken is a naughty chick living in the vast wilderness of hope. Download this android app for free now. Talking Chill is a naughty chick living in the vast wilderness of hope, there is verdant grasslands, green bamboo, towering mountains, but much more is his lovely friends living here. Chill’s live is calm on the prairie, his favorite is […]

Talking Chill Chicken Android App

Prenatal Lullabies for Android
Prenatal Lullabies android app offers a variety of tender and soothing music that helps stimulate the auditory nerve functioning and enhance brain development of a fetus. Prenatal Lullabies is specially designed and highly recommended by obstetricians and researchers. Prenatal Lullabies for Android utilizes leisure music with slow tempo resembling mothers’ own heart beats when they are at rest. Mozart’s piano sonatas are also included, well recognized as a solid assistant in fetus […]

Prenatal Lullabies for Android

best android apps - parenting android tablet app
Parenting Magazine has launched the Android App. This is best Android app to guide young parents through the early years of parenting. This free app is customizable for each user. By adding their children’s photos, names and birthdays, users will receive relevant news and tips based on age and development. Child development and parenting, broken down into the categories such as pregnancy, first year, second year, the early years and the school […]

Android App for Parents