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The game guarantees realistic physics and it consists of 24 exciting levels, where you have to save a little snail. Survival of cute little gastropods is at stake and you’ve been chosen to save them. Your mission is to protect the molluscs by avoiding dangerous traps, covering them with objects or deflecting the rocks which are going to crush their fragile shells. Features of Save the Snail Android Application: – […]

Save the Snail Android Application

bubble blast halloween android app
Doctor Bubble Halloween Android App is a halloween version of classic Bubble shooting android app. Download this best android app on your mobile and android tablet. Doctor Bubble Halloween Android App has 2 modes : Challange Mode : In the challenge mode, you will be faced with increasingly difficult levels as you progress. You need to strategically shoot at the right spot to move to next round. Survival mode: In […]

Doctor Bubble Halloween Android App