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Download the must have best android apps for expecting parents. Garbh Sanskar is collection of pregnancy tips and much more. This app help impart a sense of value and tradition in the new born through traditional mantra and shlokas. This app contains verses to be recited while the child is still in the womb.All expected mothers should download this tablet android apps to fully enjoy the pregnancy and impart values […]

Garbh Sanskar – Must for Expecting Parents

best android app call manager SMS blocker
Call Manager & SMS Blocker Android App is the best android app and the only app that blocks FCC Do Not Call offenders automatically and the block list is auto updated with community inputs.Call Control Android application is the most effective call blocking app for Android, blocking unwanted calls and letting you control your privacy and security. Call Control android app is like anti-virus for phone calls, constantly working in the […]

Call Manager & SMS Blocker Android App